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Starting in 2012, AToMixX had one goal: making music to make people smile and rave the hell out of their bodies. At this time he was only 13 years old.
2014 he released his first public remix called 'Hi Okay (Melbourne Bounce Remix)', based on the vine. After he saw, that his brother shared interest in djing as well, he decided to team up with him to restart his producing career. His name is 3r4z3r. To find a name, AToMixX randomly said, "what about 'Murmeln' in englisch (marbles)?" they decided to style it up and finally the name MRBLZ was decided. In 2016 these two young, rising musicians made a remix of 'Firebeatz & Schella - Dear New York' in a Melbourne Bounce style. After they got a really great response they decided to collaborate with some also young, talented and international producers to make even more music. Suddenly they got signed at Housepital Deep with their track 'Bam!', which also reached 18 thousand plays on SoundCloud. After their track release of 'Let's Go Deeper' on Royal Ravers, Housepital, they asked MexNoijar for a collaboration. Housepital shared the interest in releasing our collaboration 'Gun Shot' on the 'Amsterdam Dance Event 2018' sampler on their main label Housepital Records.

2018 will be their year, with amazing gigs and new, more professional tracks.


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You can find everything you need for the first impression before reaching out to us on this page. If you have any questions left feel free to hit us up, our email adress is at the bottom of this page or you can use the contact form on our website.

"Ein dickes Danke für eure Energie, eure Arbeit, eure gute Laune und eure Unterstützung bei allem! Ohne euch hätte es dieses fantastische sozio-kulturelle Abendprogramm nicht gegeben. Ich fand die Party super, das Drumherum relativ entspannt und die Zusammenarbeit mit euch echt gut. Danke!"

- Nora (Bernd Best Turnier 2018)